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Managed Communication Services for the Business Sector



Internet Binat is a provider of managed services for the corporate sector. We provide comprehensive data and telephony services, as well as information security and hosting through our advanced data center.

Internet Binat is part of Rad-Binat, a prominent international communications group. As such we enjoy a solid financial and business backing, as well as synergies with other Group companies that enable us to provide our customers with complete communications solutions.

Managed Services

Internet Binat provides comprehensive communications services for business customers. We serve as a one-stop shop for all our customers' communications requirements, from managing local telecom providers to laying the fastest internet line and proactively assuring quality and uptime.

We pride ourselves as being a trusted advisor to our customers: you will not see us pushing unnecessary equipment or adding expensive bandwidth. Instead we'll search for solutions that optimize existing lines, leverage existing lines to deploy cost-saving voice technologies, and searching for new ways to help our customers achieve their business goals.

The Advantage of Managed Communication Services

The advantages of managed communication services are clear: our customers receive complete communication infrastructure and services, top-of-the-line data protection, data hosting services such as backup and disaster recovery; all this without the need to invest in expensive equipment, software licenses and management overhead.

We provide our customers with top-of-the-line voice and data solutions tailored perfectly to their needs, without management headaches and burden on budget.

In addition, companies have the flexibility to upgrade services, add functionality or downsize – with no purchasing costs and no learning curves.

A Focus on the Business Sector

Internet Binat focuses exclusively on the business sector; as a result we are able to provide each customer with superior infrastructure: for example, our international internet communication line goes through the least amount of routers compared with any other local ISP.

Our team of engineers are experience in designing and deploying complex communication projects, and our support is made up of skilled technicians who answer support calls directly and serve as one focal point for all the customer's needs.

Advanced Technologies

Internet Biant deploys state-of-the-art technolgoies, including cloud-based security, various SaaS services (such as Hosted Exchange) and advanced VoIP solutions.

Our Range of Services



- QoS

- Bandwidth management

- Wireless internet

- Site communication

Information Security

- Secure web Gateway: Zscaler

- Mail protection: antivirus, anti-spam

- Advanced firewall and IPS

- Content filtering

- Internet policy enforcement

- Wireless VPN


- Local tele-provider management

- Quality assurance

- VoIP

- Virtual phones & switchboards

- IP phones

- Unified communications

Communications Management

- Infrastructure deployment

- One focal point for ISP and ADSL

- Uptime and quality assurance

- Line monitoring Planning


- Collocation

- Various backup solutions

- Disaster recovery site

- Virtual servers

- SaaS: MS Hosted Exchange

Complementing Services

- Deployment of communication lines

- Procurement of equipment

- Integration services

- Outsourcing


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